If you have a question that isn’t covered below, pop me an email : contact@aitua.net .

Can I download your videos available on YouTube ?

It is possible : all my videos on YouTube are also on Vimeo. Each video on Vimeo has a download link.

What setup do you use ?

I record my music with :

  • A micro Zoom H4n for live records,
  • A micro DPA 4099G at home,
  • The Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 audio card (Firewire compatible).

I record my video with :

  • The camera Canon 550D.

The software I use are available for any OS system :

  • MuseScore for music score editing,
  • Reaper for the arrangement and mixing audio,
  • Blender for video editing.

Is it possible to see you in concert ?

Yes. With the Guitar Quatuor Aitua, we perform mostly in France. Dates of concert are available in my blog in the category News. If you have an offer for a concert, whatever the region or the event, don’t hesitate to contact me by email : contact@aitua.net .

Can I use your music for my project ?

In order to use my music freely, there is some conditions :

  • You need to attribute me,
  • Commercial use is forbidden (except my musics from Public Domain which is possible),
  • Your project should be on Creative Commons BY NC SA (or BY SA for my musics from Public Domain).

Why do you use several Creative Commons licence for each music ?

My original musics are under Creative Commons BY NC SA. It is possible to download, use and modify for any purpose other than commercially, and you need to use the same licence.

Public domain music scores that I arranged and/or performed are under Creative Commons BY SA. It is possible to download, use and modify for any purpose, as long as you use the same licence.

I have the chance to perform and arrange music form Public Domain without asking permission to anyone. Copyright these scores with a licence higher than the BY SA feels wrong in my opinion. Therefore, music from the Public Domain are still free for commercial use.

Can I use your music even if I don’t respect your licence ?

I didn’t make partnership with any website yet for commercial use.  If you cannot use my music according to my licence pop me an email and we can discuss for alternatives : contact@aitua.net .

I am a guitarist. Can I play your songs ?

Of course you can and I encourage you ! It is a pleasure for me to know that my songs are performed. Some of them are available on MuseScore, and also on Delcamp Guitar Forum.

Why don’t you subscribe to SACEM ?

Currently, the SACEM (french society of authors) does not accept the Creative Commons licences originally described by the official website Creative Commons. If I subcribed, I would not be able to sell my music by myself without its agreement. I would also not be able to collaborate directly with you, because everything has to be with the SACEM’s agreement. I wrote article (in french) which gives details on my position.

Is it possible to collaborate with you ?

Of course ! I’m always pleased with collaboration, whatever the challenge. Please contact me by the same adress : contact@aitua.net .